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Calling all Youth!

Those who want to participate in MNSPHC Youth Group, please message or email our 2024 Youth Committee Advisor - Deanna Wilson, to be included in the next Zoom Meeting.  TBA for planning the upcoming year.                             We need input from our Youth!

Deanna Wilson email ~

Youth Fundraiser

The Youth still have T-shirts for sale - (1) for $20. or Special price of (2) for $30.

Sticker sets are also available for $10. per set.  For more info on either, contact Deanna Wilson.


Sticker Sets

T-shirts front & back 


MN United Blend (MNSPHC/MPHA) Fun Class: Blindfold Trail

MN Blast of Color Fun Class:
Egg and Spoon Trail Relay

MN Splash of Color Fun Class:
Water Balloon Toss

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