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Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes are posted once the gathering body approves them as official.  

Meeting Minutes 2018

General Membership...5-6-18  Approved 10-13-18

Board of Directors - January No Meeting

Board of Directors...2-12-18   Approved 3-19-18

Board of Directors...3-19-1Approved 4-9-18

Board of Directors...4-9-18  Approved 10-1-18

Board of Directors - May No Meeting

Board of Directors...Conference Calls... 6/4, 7/2, 7/30  Approved 10-1-18

Board of Directors - August No Meeting

Board of Directors - September No Meeting

Board of Directors... 10-1-18  Approved 11-5-18

Board of Directors... 11-5-18  Approved 2-11-19 

December No Scheduled Meeting

Meeting Minutes 2015



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